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Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil • May 16-20
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To eat and drink (very well!)

Bar do Boni (Boni's bar)

Boni’s bar is a typical attraction! Located at the end of Rendeiras Avenue at Lagoa da Conceição, the bar offers a breathtaking view, cold beer and good music. Shrimps and cockles’ pies are also good options.

Av. Prefeito Acácio Garibaldi São Tiago, 67 (Lagoa da Conceição)

Hambúrguer Soul Gourmet (Burguer at Gas Station)

Yes, it's a hamburger stand at a gas station. Many people consider it the best burger in town made of real meat prepared on the grill, the place offers also a vegetarian option for fans. The price is also attractive with simple burger costing about 17 reais and a double one costing around 22 reais. It is quite a simple place, but worth knowing!

Books and beers

For those who enjoy good beers, good food and beautiful landscapes . Thematic bar designed for books and drinks lovers, located by the shore of Lagoa da Conceição facing a marina. Must be seeing.

R. Sen. Ivo D Aquino, 103 (Lagoa da Conceição)

Zé Mané

Located at Gastronomic Orla Coqueiros, this bar has a pleasant atmosphere and a beautiful view. The Sicilian lemon’s caipirinha must be checked! Caipirinhas of various fruits can be chosen from the menu.

Rua Des. Pedro Silva, 2360 (Coqueiros)

To drink (low-cost)

Bars around UFSC and UDESC are those that offer the cheapest beer in a nice university atmosphere. We can list several, as follows:

  • Container I - Mr Street Antonio Edu Vieira (end of Beira-Mar Norte), in front of UFSC. (Pantanal Neigborhood)
  • Container II - R. Cap Romualdo de Barros, 820 (Carvoeira Neigborhood).
  • IEGA’s bar - Rua Professor Milton Sulivan, 781 (Carvoeira Neigborhood in the corner of Rua Captain Romualdo Barros)
  • Engarrafamento - Rua Captain Romualdo Barros (Carvoeira Neigborhood next to Container II)
  • Meu Escritório – Rua Deputado Antonio Edu Vieira (end of Beira-Mar Norte), in front of UFSC. (Pantanal Neigborhood)
  • Meu Vizinho – Rua Deputado Antonio Edu Vieira in 1776 (Pantanal Neigborhood) – both Bar and Hamburger stand
  • Quebra-Gelo - R. Lauro Linhares, 1628 (Trindade Neigborhood) – snack bar
  • Quebra-Gelo II - Av. Madre Benvenuta, 1012 (Santa Mônica Neigborhood)


DeRaiz - Forró e Samba (Tipo: Roots)

Its a very simple and small bar/party house in a wooden house. It has a very typical Samba on Sundays and it is known for its brazilian type of music. The parties are always very different and there is a very good forró on tusdays! It has a spectacular view to the Joaquina's Dunes.

3232-5479 / 9608-1978 / 9609-4734 Estrada Geral da Joaquina (frente às Dunas)

John Bull Floripa (Tipo: Pub/Rock)

In the last 15 years, John Bull became on of the most prestigious night houses in Florianópolis. This pub is known for its life rock shows, most with cover bands. It has a thematic decoration and a very warming environment. It has a beautiful view for the Conceição Lagoon and a parking place. It was considered "The Best Life Music Pub in Santa Catarina" for many years.

3232-8535 Avenida das Rendeiras, 1046 - Lagoa da Conceição

Casa de Noca (Tipo: Roots)

Casa de Noca is a multicultural house that mixture music, food and arts. It's an environment to listen to good music, eat some great food and enjoy expositionsm show and most of all, to feel home. It doesn't matter if you are wearing a suit or a havaianas, you must feel confortable! Every week there are plenty of shows with national and international artists.

3238-5310 Av. Rendeiras, 1176 - Lagoa da Conceição

General Lee (Tipo: Pub/Rock)

It was considered the Revelation Bar ins 2012 and Best Live Music in 2013. The bands play Rock covers and the place is small and warming. It seems like a american side-road bar, just as in moovies. There you can find a lot of strong beers and several food options. The speciality is a rib sandwich. The "cave" is waiting for you!

3028-3445 Rua Cônego Bernardo, 101 - Trindade

Guacamole (Tipo: Bar animado)

Guacamole is a famous restaurant known for its happy tequila guy and girl. It has latino music presentations and mexican spicy food. The place is very colorful, young and joyful! (48) 3225-0900 Av. Jorn. Rubéns de Arruda Ramos, 2006 - Centro

Fields Floripa (Tipo: Balada Sertaneja)

Fields is the first party house of Sertanejo ( a kind of brazilian country music) a very known brazilian rhytym. It is made for selected public with a broad space, confortable. There is the main cort and a second VIP floor with 9 private spaces in front of the main stage.

3025-6646 Av. Paulo Fontes, 1025 - Centro

P12 (Tipo: Balada/Shows/Piscina)

Near to the most famous beach of Florianópolis, Internation Jurerê, it is known for its pool parties and eletronic music. It receives Djs and artists from all over the world.

{% trans "3282-9643 Servidão José Cardoso de Oliveira, s/n - Jurerê Internacional" %}

1007 (Tipo: Balada / Alternativa)

Night house with drinks and food, and a very excited music. It has 3 floors and a fenomenal view of Hercílio Luz Bridge. The drinks are famous, such as Erotic Fairy and Gay Cure.

3204-6175 Alameda Adolfo Konder, 1007 - Centro

Points of interest - Central Region

Public market

Do not miss this visit. The market was built next to the old Customs, in the year 1899. Besides being a busy trade center, the Public Market of Florianopolis is a meeting place for both locals and for tourists. Maybe that's why it's considered one of the most democratic places in the island, bringing together in one place artists, politicians, bohemians, businessmen and ordinary people. In the bars and restaurants you can taste various dishes of local cuisine. Built in 1848, it is one of the first places for selling fish and groceries in the ancient center of the so called Vila do Desterro, currently Florianópolis. Initially, products coming from the mainland and the neighborhoods were exposed on the beach, on the sand. Later, stalls were erected outdoors for exhibition of the goods, and finally the Public Market was built. It suffered several fires, always being rebuilt, since after all, besides being an important trade point is a heritage of Santa Catarina Island.

It is open Monday to Friday from 9h to 19h and Saturday from 9am to 12pm. It is

XV de Novembro Square

On the flat part of the land next to the sea, the pioneer Francisco Dias Velho founded in 1662, the village Nossa Senhora do Desterro. This is the place where Praça XV de Novembro is located nowadays. It was from there that the city began to expand and it is the main landmark of the Old Town with its original architecture preserved.

At Praça XV there is the monument in honor to the Heroes Killed in War of Paraguay. With trees planted during the nineteenth century, the square received a large number of species such as royal palms, Indian ficus and carnations of India, but for sure, the highlight of the square is the century-old Figueira. It is said that it was planted in 1871 in a garden that existed in front of the parish church and was transplanted to its current location in 1891.

Traditional, it is referred in prose and verse by the artists of the island, it is linked to a superstition which says that walking around it several times one may attract marriage and fortune. If the sympathy works or not, only testing to learn, but be sure of taking advantage of its cool shade, full of benches where retirees of the city rest and chat.

Cruz e Sousa Palace (History Museum of Santa Catarina)

It worth knowing the colonial building that was erected to be the State Government Palace. Although it is not known the exact date of construction, the building's records refer to the year of 1785.

At construction the Azorean details stood out and the color of the building was white, but during the reconstruction the white color came out and the Rosado Palace, as it is known, gained the tone that still holds today.The Palace was stage of many ceremonies and events, including the visits of emperors Dom Pedro I and II.

The stairs are made in Carrara marble, the ceiling rosettes honor the SC municipalities; the rooms have plaster design, floor in Azorean marquetry, marble and bronze statues, furniture style of King John V, a replica of First Mass in Brazil painting by Victor Meirelles, violin, piano, a German art nouveau-style music box and the first residential electric lamp of Santa Catarina are some of the featured pieces in the museum.

It is one of the main attractions of the city’s Historic Centre. (Tickets: R $ 5.00 per person and free for children and adults over 65)

Morro da Cruz Seesight

The Cruz Hill (Morro da cruz) is one of the best spots to contemplate the panoramic view from Florianópolis, with a privilege view from the two bays, the bridges and continental neighborhood. The main observation point is at 285 m and, in bright days, you can see also part of the nearby cities such as Palhoça, São José and Biguaçu. The main acces to the seesight is through Antão Street (Beira Mar Norte).

Points of interest - North Region

São José da Ponta Grossa Fortress and Praia do Forte

The fortress is really a beautiful place, which is worth knowing. It is a Portuguese fort built in 1765 which features include cannons, costumes and utensils used at the time.

Admission is only 8 reais (students pays 4 reais and seniors are exempt). Access to the fortress however is a little complicate if you go by car. The path is a very steep climb and the road splits into two trails where two cars pass very carefully. Therefore, if you go by car it is recommended that you leave the car down (near the last Jurerê bus stop) and walk up. If you drive up, you can go down to Praia do Forte also by car. Be careful! Sand on the track can complicate your way up, okay?

Anyway, once on the top, go around the fort, see the sun or the sunset over Praia do Forte and enjoy the historical tour and the breathtaking view you have from up there. Praia do Forte has a few restaurants "feet in the sand", so it is also good for happy hour.

Tour by boat to Islands in North Bay

A boat trip is a great choice, especially if the day is not perfect to stay on the beach or for trail. There are tours as from Lagoa da Conceição (10 reais per person, average price) but the recommendation is the tour to visit the fortress of Ratones and Ainhatomirim. The forts are Portuguese buildings of the eighteenth century constructed to defend Ilha do Desterro (Florianópolis’ ancient name) and are currently under the supervision of the Federal University of Santa Catarina. There are two ways to make the trip:

You can take the boat from under the bridge Hercílio Luz. The departure is from aside of a bar named Bar Scuna and lasts 6 hours. The tour includes visits to the Island and Fortress of Ratones and Ainhatomirim Fortress with a stop for lunch at Dolphin Bay. It is a quiet ride, without much hubbub. The tour costs 75 reais per person but lunch is not included which costs about 25 reais at local restaurant. Also the access to both fortresses is not included (Price for both visits: 10 reais per person, 5 reais for seniors).

Departure from Canasvieiras: The tour leaves the pier Canasvieiras in a schooner Pirate type. It is a lively trip, with music and dancers to liven up those who are traveling. It goes to the Fortress of Ainhatomirim and stops at Dolphin Bay. It's recommended for those who like excitement! The tour costs 78 reais per person, lunch is not included which costs 25 Reais in the local restaurant. The access to Fortress Ainhatomirim costs 8 reais per person and 4 reais for seniors.

More information: (

Gastronomic Route of Sunset

Santo Antonio de Lisbon, Cacupé and Sambaqui neighborhoods are known as " Gastronomic Route of Sunset". Main areas of Azorean culture on the island, they offer an incredible view of the North Bay and of Hercílio Luz Bridge, and a privileged position to enjoy the famous sunsets of Florianopolis. The village preserves the traditional Azorean architecture, the inherited traditions of the Portuguese colonizers and the tranquility of the small villages of the nineteenth century.

The region has several restaurants famous for their cuisine such as Marisqueira Sintra, Rosso, Coisas de Maria e João, Zé do Cacupé, João de Barro, Pitangueiras, Toca de Santo Antônio, Bate-Ponto, Chão Batido, among others. On summer evenings, bars and restaurants put tables on the sidewalks, where you can snack and enjoy the local atmosphere.

Also worth a visit to the Igreja Nossa Senhora das Necessidades (Church of Our Lady of Needs), built in 1757 and one of the main features of Baroque culture in southern Brazil. Shops of handicrafts and ceramics can also be found in homes with typical Azorean format, with the windows directly open over the sidewalks.

Água Show Park

The Water Show Park is the best water park in Santa Catarina. It has several areas separated for fun, recreation and turism. The park contains restaurants, bars, food shops and sports activities.


Rodovia Armando Calil Bullos, SC-403, 3868 - Ingleses

Points of interest - Eastern Region

Campeche Island

The Campeche Island is a small island in front of Campeche Beach. It has only one beach with very white sand and crystal clear and calm water. In addition to the underwater trails preserved by IPHAN there are trails through the island to visit the cliffs and the typical rupestrian inscriptions of the island of Florianópolis (another place to see those inscriptions is the rocky cliff on the right side of the Santinho beach). The access to the island is only by boat with departures from the beaches of Armação and Campeche. The price varies with the time of year between 75 and 100 reais round trip. It is important to pay attention because the island has a maximum capacity of visitors in one day and, once the number is reached, no one can go. The boats start to leave around 9 am and come back between 3 and 4 pm. For more information contact Associação dos Barqueiros do Campeche (Boatmen Association of Campeche): 3338-3160 / 8424-3282 / 9903-8298 or the Fishermen Association of Pera 3338-9470 / 8481-9930 / 8430-4097 / 9487-4521

Lagoon overlook

Famous and well known, Lagoa da Conceição, was chosen the “dearest place” of Floripa in a quiz conducted by G1 portal, it is also home to one of the main viewpoints of the city. The view from that point is one of the postcards of Florianópolis. The Mirante da Lagoa overlooks the East Coast of the Island, including residential neighborhoods Canto da Lagoa (till Morro do Badejo) and Lagoa da Conceição, the commercial and cultural 'little center' and Avenida das Rendeiras. It is located on Highway Admar Gonzaga (SC-404) at the top of the hill - at the beginning of the way down from Hill of Seven Turns, as it is known, which leads to the Lagoa da Conceição. In summer the place is full of tourists.

Points of interest - South Region

Peri Lake

The Peri Lake is the biggest lake with potable water in the whole Santa Catarina Litoral, with 5 km². It doesn't have many options to eat, there is a small restaurant and a snack bar. A good idea is to take things and make a sandwich. The area around the lagoon is a park with hiking trails that leads to waterfalls and old colonial houses. The hiking, in some cases, must have an official guide. It is possible to have a bath in the calm lake waters on the small beach. It has parking space.

Armação overlook

From the high spot you can see all Armação Beach. Beside the beutiful view you can appreciate the work of the Jesus Company (Jesuits), founded on 1956. The place is called "House of Stone" or "monastery of Jesuits". Do alto da Casa de Retiros Vila Fátima, avista-se toda a Praia da Armação. Além da bela vista, pode-se apreciar a obra da Companhia de Jesus (Jesuítas), fundada em 1956. O local é chamado também de “Casa de Pedra”, “Mosteiro ou Convento dos Jesuítas”.

Arantes Bar

Who visits Florianópolis have to meet one of the most traditional restaurants of the city, the Arantes Bar, on Pântano do Sul Beach (Rua Abelardo Otacílio Gomes, 254), approximately 25 km from downtown. It was opened in 1958 buy the couple Osmarina e Arante and becaome so popular not only for the food but the notes that travellers leaved all over the walls.


North Region - Jurerê Internacional, Jurerê Tradicional, Daniela, Brava, Ingleses, Costão do Santinho East Region - Moçambique, Barra da Lagoa, Galheta, Mole, Joaquina, Campeche South Region - Armação, Matadeiro, Pântano do Sul, Açores

Hiking spots

  1. Trilha de Naufragados
  2. Costa da Lagoa
  3. Santinho-Moçambique
  4. Piscinas da barra
  5. Lagoinha do leste


Floripa by bus

Floripa by Bus has a series of bus trips in an open bus. More information in:

Points of interest nearby:

Guarda do embaú

Guarda do Embaú is a beach on the city of Palhoça, 46 km from Florianópolis. To have acces to the beaches, it is necessary to cross the Madre River by boat or foot on the low tide. It is a small village with 400 people most of them artists, fisherman and surfers. There is a hiking you can do to go up to the Urubu Hill and see all the natural formations from up above.

Rafting/extreme sports

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz is 34 km far from Florianopolis, by BR 282 highway toward Lages. The city has a number of waterfalls and rivers and rafting becomes an interesting attraction! The rafting costs around 70 reais but groups with more than 10 people have discounts. One of the recommended companies is Ativa Rafting ( which has an experienced group and all protective equipment. Guaranteed fun!

Rosa Beach

Praia do Rosa is a place for those who want to rest in the nature and scape from crowded beaches. It still remainds its old fisherman village style from the 70s when it became known by surfers. South and west from there is Ibiraquera lagoon where the shrimp hunt is the big thing in full moon nights. It is an excellent place for sport lovers such as windsurf, kitesurf and surf itself. South from there there is Praia da Vila, with perfect waves and considered one of the best brazilian waves for surfers.