Scientific Computing with Python
Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil • May 16-20
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SciPyLA 2016 Conference Announcement

SciPy Latin America 2016 Conference, the fourth annual Scientific Computing with Python conference in Latin America, will be held this May 16th-20th 2016, in Florianópolis, Brazil. SciPy Latin America is a regional community dedicated to the advancement of scientific computing through open source software for mathematics, science, and engineering mainly developed with Python.

During the conference SciPyLA is proud to host the following event and talk types:

  • Tutorials
  • Talks
  • Lighting Talks
  • Poster Presentations
  • Track teen

The full program will consist of two days of tutorials, followed by three days of presentations.


Multiple interactive half-day (3h) tutorials will be taught by community experts. The tutorials provide conceptual and practical coverage of tools for attends with no-prior, intermediate and advanced knowledge. Our goal is to have tutorials that can encourage scientific computing with Python, improve the community and shape the future.


These are the traditional lectures. They have a maximum duration of 30 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. If you believe you have a topic but do not know how to write the proposal, contact our activities committee and we will help you in this task. We will gladly help you submit a good proposal.

Lighting Talks

You want to give a talk, but you do not have enough material for one? These talks are a maximum of 5 minutes in a sequence of similar talks in the main hall. No need to fill all the available time. The registration of this talk modality will be held during the event until last presentation of the day.


The poster session offers a more interactive presentation and targeted public than the talks. The idea is to present your topic in the poster and when the participants exchange rooms they find their work, read what you wrote and initiate a discussion about it. Simple like that.

Track Teen

The teen track is a journey that aims to introduce a great creative potential public (such as children and adolescents) the world of science, programming and any area that can contribute to your creative, through an educational and fun interactive way .

One of the goals of this conference is to show teenagers that science and programming are made by people like them. Both are present in daily use by anyone and the only thing needed is the desire to learn and implement these ideas that arise in their minds. And it can become generators of ideas that can be useful to others.

Important Dates

  • March 1st: Initial date for submission of talks, tutorials and posters;
  • April 8th: Deadline for submission of talks, tutorials and posters;
  • April 22nd: Notification of acceptance for talks, tutorials and posters;
  • May 16th-18th: SciPyLA 2016, 2 days of tutorials;
  • May 19th-20th: SciPyLA 2016, 3 days of talks.

We look forward to a very exciting conference and hope to see you all in Florianópolis soon!

The SciPyLA2016 Organizers